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punitha 19 Jun,09
i have lost my mobile i want my mobile imei number
kanna 19 Jun,09
i want to find the location in andra pradesh will you please help me plz...
Jyotiranjan Nath(odisha) 18 Jun,09
I am so greatful to this site. It helps to know about unknown i.e the operator,servic&the state which it belong
vivek 18 Jun,09
I miss the sim in atm so only i need this services
manoj 18 Jun,09
wow!!!!! what a great pretty service........... thnx buddy
Nitin Bangre 17 Jun,09
How to trace it?
supreet singh 17 Jun,09
very nice
rahul 16 Jun,09
very niccccccccccccceeeeeeeee
manish singh 16 Jun,09
very good website. great job done by the developer
ravi 16 Jun,09
If possible...Information about City of Mobile user is necessary. Because of a lot user painterating by blank and missed call
Mohmmad Naeem 16 Jun,09
Gr8 website for tracing mobile number where is in. but it is not confirm that presently where is working mobile.
Nabin 16 Jun,09
Is site se hume bahut si subidhaye mil rahi hai. Agar naye series ke number bhi jod diye jate to aur bhi behtar hota..
Ashiosh Gupta 16 Jun,09
Wow ,really a good site Thanx
rohan dev 15 Jun,09
you should accompany this service for other states also i.e. outside M.P & C.G.
sanjeev 15 Jun,09
how we can do free call on same net work
Ashoke Chakraborty 18 May,09
This site is very very godd & helpful site. Thanks.
Vikraman 16 May,09
Very useful for this websites
bhupendra kumar 14 May,09
this website helps us to find out the company and place of the mobile number so its a very useful for us.
Very useful
Ravi 12 May,09
वेबसाइट अच्छी हें आज कल मोबाइल में हाई पेकेज डालने पर सेम नेटवर्क में कॉल करना फ्री हो जाता हें उसमे यह वेबसाइट अच्छी हेल्प करती हें | वर्तमान के नंबर भी सामिल कर दें | अभी कुछ नंबर सर्च नहीं हो रहे हें | धन्वाद
Aman 12 May,09
Awesome Website
pankaj 11 May,09
Hi Its a good services. Can you provide me the script or let me know how to do it on my website. Thanks pankaj
vaibhav sachan 11 May,09
sir/mame,- kya kishi mobile ki exact position aur ush number ki full detail wali koi site hai, plz reply
vaibhav 11 May,09
it's nice yaar.. good work..
Moh'd.RAFIE 10 May,09
This is a very cool site and useful also i like it very much.
Moh'd.RAFIE 10 May,09
This is a very cool site and useful also i like it very much.
saurav singh 10 May,09
it is realy useful site.
Vijay Ojha 10 May,09
Many nos are still not updated with the database. Some time site don't show the location. If you can add the facility to show city name with the name of state, I think that site would be more useful for user.
Rushi vadthal 09 May,09
Yn web sit muje bahot achi lagi very useful he thunkey
deepak 09 May,09
this webside is used to traced the mobile no. address..
manoj 09 May,09
shai hai bahi shaab mast banai hai ji
swapnil 09 May,09
really its a very good idea!!! hats off to who has developed this site..but its giving the location of no. from where the card is bought..nt the exact location of that no.
prashant dxwivedi 09 May,09
this is the good side for practicle doing students.
Ravi 09 May,09
Excellent work buddy....Keep it up...
ranjit patil kenvadeker 09 May,09
this site is best and fantastic.
ranjit patil kenvadeker 09 May,09
this is best and very nice.
rajiv 09 May,09
like sapna said its realy a very useful software sm time ur own ppl in need may cal u frn unknwn no and by finding the city u cn knw who ths culd b and false caler cn b avoided
Sonu 09 May,09
It is a nice site
Prats 08 May,09
Can't u give the name of mobile number owner... & address, is that possible?
Abhi 08 May,09
Tis site rocks but only if they could only add an extra feature lik area name or atleast the pin no. Where exactly in india it is..Please if u can do it too it will be great
Nice 08 May,09
Ye mera dushra coment hai, pahla coment tha, jab ye start hua. Realy good site.
I .m. Mansoori 08 May,09
agar state ka naam shamil ho jay to or bi acha hoga
sandip 08 May,09
it's a too good, mind blowing.....
shivam 08 May,09
its a very good site and great approach. its lot of advantages in now a days. thanks
IROSE 08 May,09
shejad786 08 May,09
This site is very importante to free call i am proud this site thanks for reading comments............
rahul 08 May,09
nice to see number details...
Soumen 07 May,09
Its really fantastic..
it's too good
SUMITHRA . S 07 May,09
Hai this is sumi, thank you for providing this service it helps to all indians. this is the best site which number is which state i can easyly know from this service.
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