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Jamal Afroz 03 Nov,08
A great Social Service for mankind.... Keep it up dear... I enjoyed this service severals time.. and please to say that I m satisfied...
Paras 02 Nov,08
well, i really like it. Its really worthed. Hope many those who dont know, know it soon.
Saravanan 02 Nov,08
nice job... I am really amazed by this site
Daya 31 Oct,08
Great site & Very useful
Christopher George 30 Oct,08
Its really great site and wonderfull people like it thanks for such a good sight
Puneet 30 Oct,08
Mind blowing. Its amazing.
dev 28 Oct,08
just great
Shajeershaa 27 Oct,08
shivam 27 Oct,08
yes great site i luv it
Jatin 27 Oct,08
Gr8 job . . . Thanx a ton !!
pragensh agaravt 27 Oct,08
this is the best site which number is which state i call easy to know about this state and charges are applicabel thsi is the best site '
thats wonderful people will really lyk that and me to keep it up and thaanks for such a gud sight
Santosh 25 Oct,08
It'amazing i like it
venkat 25 Oct,08
tooo gud....
mihir 25 Oct,08
this site is very very intresting.....
Kalaiselvan 24 Oct,08
Excellent work.....
Imran Khan 24 Oct,08
really, this is nice website.
Jove 24 Oct,08
Useful site. I have it in my browser links
aneesh 23 Oct,08
this is outstanding,fantastic,challenging,interesting,helping.
RAJESH 23 Oct,08
GOOD JOB......
misger sameer 22 Oct,08
HJ 22 Oct,08
Great site. I can distinguish between an STD number and local one. Thanks
NARENDRA 20 Oct,08
very smart
manz 20 Oct,08
cool man gud job!!!!!!!!
robin oberoi 20 Oct,08
its very useful site for tacing mobile number and i lke it very much
SHEELABA 20 Oct,08
Harshal 19 Oct,08
Very cool!! This site give me right direction this wil help me.
Rajz 19 Oct,08
this is cool !!!!
Jitendra 19 Oct,08
I have no words for this site. realy its amazing ????
Ram 18 Oct,08
V.Good site
vikas 18 Oct,08
nice...............its realy helpful
bhavinshah 17 Oct,08
really nice one i m really impresed................. heart........
aranyak 17 Oct,08
Javed 17 Oct,08
Jabardast yaar,lage raho.
Agaz AHmad 17 Oct,08
Its very good site to know abot area where is this no.
Chinnu 16 Oct,08
this is really superb. Every one like this and it is very easy to findout
Jiten 16 Oct,08
Absolutely fantastic site..
OM 16 Oct,08
This is really outstanding site... Keep it up...
vineet 16 Oct,08
friend who had made this site i m vineet fully emprrased by that gye bhai tussi grat hooooo
Hasmukh 15 Oct,08
Excellent job this website is doing!
bhavik 15 Oct,08
this is a goood service
too good. i thought its very made it pretty easy for us. all the best
Rohit Yadav 15 Oct,08
Site is very very Good.
N A Chintanwar. 15 Oct,08
Really awesome! Here u can find rough identity of cel no. 2 know service provider & service state. It helps much...
ismail 15 Oct,08
Very Nice Service!
nagakiran 15 Oct,08
good awesome easy to use and userfriendly
Anvay thanekar 15 Oct,08
Gud n helpful site
mahendra 15 Oct,08
it's very useful site
HITESH 15 Oct,08
This is give correct information about operator.
saurabhwasule 15 Oct,08
nice site....
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